Armin Meiwes' Modem
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Armin Meiwes




Drives possessor to cannibalism




Always active

Collected by

Agent Jake Torres







Date of Collection

September 2003


Origin[edit | edit source]

Armin Meiwes (1961 - ) is a German man who achieved international notoriety for killing and eating a voluntary victim who he had found through an online website. The Cannibal Cafe, a blog site for people with cannibal fetishes, allowed Meiwes to locate a well-built 18 to 30 year old to be slaughtered and then consumed. While working on site as a computer repair technician he received several replies. Many people answered the advertisement but backed out, and Meiwes respected their wishes, never forcing them to do anything against their will. Then a man from Berlin, Bernd Brandes, agreed to meet in Meiwes' home in Rotenburg. First, Meiwes amputated Brandes' penis and attempted to share it, as Brandes wished to know what he tasted like; however, he expired before Meiwes was done cooking it. After Brandes was dead, Meiwes recorded the whole ordeal of hanging the body by a meat hook as he then removed the flesh to be cooked and stored. By the time Meiwes was caught he had consumed forty-four pounds of flesh. Instead of the heinous act turning the camera that he recorded it on into an artifact, it was the modem which was considered irrelevant and sent away.

The modem ended up in the possession of a man who was identified only by his first name, Detlef. Detlef was arrested for killing a businessman who was visiting his long time friend before consuming his flesh. Detlef told arresting police that he didn't know what came over him; his friend had come to him wishing to die, but he never thought he would eat the man.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Drives possessor to cannibalism. A steady sound of an old dial up connection can be heard from the device. This has caused people to accidently get within range to be effected just to shut the sound off.

Storage and Handling[edit | edit source]

Stored on a separate podium with a five-foot radius neutralizer field.

Neutralizer gloves are mandatory. If needed to be moved from the field, spray with neutralizer before entering the field. The neutralizer will last for fifteen seconds. Place the Modem in a neutralizer container and replace the neutralizer once daily until returned to its field.

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