Apsley Cherry-Garrard’s Goggles
Apsley Goggles


Apsley Cherry-Garrard




Laying eggs that release brutal cold when cracked


Causes great grief over lost companions


Placing atop head

Collected by

Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

August 27, 2015



Apsley Cherry-Garrard was one of the surviving members of the doomed Antarctic Terra Nova Expedition. Hired as an assistant zoologist, Apsley studied penguin eggs he discovered while he and party members Bill Wilson and Birdie Bowers navigated. Unfortunately, the cold and intense darkness contributed to Apsley becoming too nearsighted to steer the sledge. They were forced to walk three miles for every one driven, and were welcomed with a blizzard when they reached their destination. The tent was ripped off and the men were forced to shelter under the deepening snow – Apsley chattered most of his teeth away trying to stay warm. Luckily, the trio found their tent and returned to base.

When Robert Scott decided to venture into the unforgiving Antarctic interior, he sent Apsley back to base halfway through due to nerves. When the group of five never returned to the One Ton Depot to resupply, the ship’s crew grew very concerned. After several attempts, they found the tent where Scott and several other members froze to death. Their losses heavily affected Apsley for the rest of his life, suffering symptoms of PTSD and recounting his sadness in memoirs, “The Worst Journey in the World”.


Placing upon the crown or forehead will let the user lay eggs like a bird. They appear to be as small as a thumbnail when first laid and will grow to resemble the size or shape of emperor penguin eggs. Any mishandling or attempts to hatch an egg will release a gnawing, relentless cold upon the immediate area. All handlers who had direct contact with the shell will experience profound melancholy over departed friends. Consolation will be needed at some point, otherwise the user will decide to destroy the egg and themselves in a gesture of failure.


  • Cherry’s first application was rejected for not being a seasoned scientist. Second time around, he promised to donate £1,000 for supplies. He still gave Scott the money after another rejection. Humbled by Cherry’s dedication, he brought him on deck with some persuasion by Bill Wilson.
  • His neighbor was playwright George Bernard Shaw.
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