Apep, Enemy of Ra and Embodiment of Chaos
Apophis statuette by corellastudios
"Lock it up. Lock it up, but for the love of all things holy, don't break it!"






Contains the Sheut of Apophis, the guilt, terror, and all other chaotic emotions of every negative action in human history. Emits an aura of these feelings


When shattered, the collected negativity will be unleashed upon the world


Damaging or holding the statue

Collected by

Agent Aden Taylor


The Restricted Chamber


Placement #3

Date of Collection

December 21, 2012


An artifact as powerful as Pandora's box.


A 6 inch tall statuette of a coiled cobra preparing to strike, hood spread and fangs bared. The base is engraved with the hieroglyphic name of Apophis. On the statue's hood, the hieroglyph Isfet (Chaos) is carved. The entire object is blood red.


According to Egyptian records rescued from Warehouse 2, the artifact was created at the beginning of Ancient Egyptian Civilization along with another that provided the counterpart of this one, Ma'at.


Agent Aden Taylor collected this one on order from Ms. Frederic. He literally tripped over it while exploring the ruins of Heliopolis. To his surprise, the date he picked it up was 12:00 noon on December 21, 2012.

The raw emotion emanating from the statue made storing the artifact incredibly difficult, as the neutralizer kept recoiling from the snake. He eventually just shoved in a bag, then put the bag into a bigger bag, but even still, the emotions leaked through.


The statuette emits an aura of chaotic emotions, anger, terror, and sadness. If it were to be shattered, the emotions it absorbed from every war, every time humans have spilled each-other's blood, even every time humanity has acted in a chaotic matter, would be released into the world and send it spiraling into total chaos, similar to the effect of opening Pandora's Box, but much, much worse.

It's more practical use is allowing the user to commit any crime, up to and including mass murder, and not feel guilty about it.


Apophis was the physical embodiment of Chaos according to Egyptian mythology. He was worshipped against, so how this statuette was allowed to be created was unknown when doing so was forbidden by every priest.


  • Image source: DeviantART user CorellaStudiosThis page is the image itself
  • Neutralizer does NOT like making physical contact with this artifact. As a result, any item infused or containing Neutralizer will make any attempt to get away within a six-inch radius. Liquid Neutralizer will pull itself away.
  • Azletar once commented that being near the object makes him want to throw up.
  • This artifact's cell is padded with thick memory foam, so that if it falls off the pedestal, it does not break.
  • The pedestal itself is carved with countless spells warding against Apophis.
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