Anti-Bullying VHS Tape
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VHS tape with Monkey written on it




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Jacob Torres by way of Jennifer Lockhart







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Origin[edit | edit source]

The cartoon played on the tape is fifteen minutes long. It starts with a general disclaimer about bullies, the signs of them and how to help. This lasts for about four minutes, then the rest of the tape cuts to a jungle segment. A pack of jaguar are seen attacking and eating a tapir while several monkeys watch in a tree. This part lasts until there is nothing left of the tapir except a few bones then loops two more times before coming to an end.

Effects[edit | edit source]

When viewed by an individual who's directly involved in a bullying situation, their first instinct is to watch and not help in any way, and enter a hypnotic state. For the next three days they go about their normal lives, except when spoken to they will only reply with "I am a monkey." At the end of the third day those affected kill themselves.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Through several connections former agent Jennifer Lockhart learned about the case involving the tape. A teacher played it for her class of eighteen students, three of which were identified as a bully or a victim thus not affected by the artifact. The students tried to get information out of their classmates only to be informed that they were monkeys. After her students died the teacher was arrested and brought in for questioning. She was cooperating until asked where she got the tape from, where in she would only say one thing, "I am a Tapir." Police found the tape to be of no coincidence and put it away into lock up where Jennifer was able to retrieve it and deliver it to Jake. It should be noted that there is no actual tape in the VHS.

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