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Warehouse 13


The Dark Vault



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Background[edit | edit source]

Annabelle was discovered in 1970 at a hobby shop, and was given as a gift to two nursing students. After several weeks, the students noticed several strange things about the doll such as it appearing covered in blood and moving around when the students were not home. On multiple occasions, the two women found notes that had been written by Annabelle to them. The students contacted demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren who collected the doll, and stored in in their occult museum.

Collection[edit | edit source]

Annabelle was collected by Warehouse agents in 1986 after several brutal murders and sightings of the doll were reported in Monroe, Connecticut. Due to the famous status of Annabelle, Warehouse agents were forced to replace it with a replica doll upon retrieval from the museum.

Powers[edit | edit source]

Annabelle is the vessel for a demonic spirit. When picked up or interacted with, Annabelle will begin to follow the victim around. Annabelle will continually appear in the users immediate area. The doll will always appear to be sitting still and watching the victim. It will on occasion leave notes to the victim asking it for help. After an uncertain amount of time, the user will turn up dead with multiple deep lacerations on their throat and chest.

Storage and Handling[edit | edit source]

Annabelle is currently stored in the Dark Vault in a display case. The case is made of neutralizer infused glass, and is locked by multiple keys that are stored in the caretakers office. The case is installed with a neutralizer sprinkler in case of emergency.

Any direct handling of the doll is forbidden. If the doll must be moved, any agents handling it must be in a full-body neutralizer suit with the face mirrored out to prevent accidental activation. Upon removing Annabelle, it must be frozen in a block of neutralizer, and not unfrozen until placed back in its display.

Special Note[edit | edit source]

Upon activation of Annabelle, it appears to have the ability to teleport to the location of the victim. After an incident where it was activated in 1999, Annabelle managed to escape both its locked display case and the Dark Vault itself. After recapture, it was locked in an iron safe and placed back in its display in the Dark Vault where it managed to escape again. No current methods exist to impede the movement of the doll once it has been activated.

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