Andrew Jackson's Keg of Ale


Andrew Jackson




Removes the user’s doubt and makes them reveal all their opinions and loyalties


User will become complete in these convictions and will frequently fight any who challenge their beliefs



Collected by

Warehouse 12







Date of Collection

May 19, 1855


Origin[edit | edit source]

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States. Before his presidency he owned hundreds of slaves on his plantation, killed a man who insulted his wife in a duel and won the Battle of New Orleans against the British in 1812. He narrowly lost his first presidential election to John Quincy Adams in a “corrupt bargain” with Speaker of the House and fellow candidate Henry Clay. His victory in 1828 was due to his rising popularity out west in the frontier and growing support in New York and Virginia.

Jackson maintained his certainty on all his acts during his presidency. These included denying South Carolina’s right to nullify a federal tariff and later threatening military occupation if they seceded. Jackson forced the closure of the Second Bank of the United States and payment in hard money, a lack of which caused the Panic of 1837. Jackson portrayed these roles as defending the common man from bankers and the elite. However, his time also saw the spoils system benefit his personal friends with high-paying jobs instead of qualified individuals and the Indian Removal Act, forcing thousands of Native Americans to be relocated off their lands to the frontier.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Used at parties in the White House, this keg had been the source of much enjoyment during Warehouse office parties, until it was discovered that the ale also raises the drinker's convictions, and lead to numerous brawls among agents.

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