Andranik's Khackhar


Andranik Ozanian


Carved Stone Cross


Defensive Geokinesis


Ground eventually resists and attacks activator


Touching the image


Out and About List



Andranik's quarrel was for the freedom and security of the Armenian people. He originally joined the Dashnaktustyun party to protect his homeland as a militia member, but was unable to fully defend them from Ottoman and Turkish threats.

During World War I, he commanded the first volunteer Armenian battalion to reclaim most of their traditional homeland. However, military losses pushed back their territory to a small sliver, which formed the First Republic of Armenia. Andranik was disheartened by the established size and fought independent of the government as its protector.


Placing the palm across the image of the cross will allow them to control and reshape the earth they stand upon. Bridges, barricades and fortifications can be quickly assembled to withstand any outright assault thrown at them. The effects are especially strong in areas the user considers their current or ancestral homeland. However, the amount of territory the user can wield diminishes with time. With enough provocation, the land itself will resist the user's will and actively create obstacles to stymie any efforts.

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