An Zhengwen's Brush


An Zhengwen


Writing Tool


Creates a temporary haven for the painter to vanish into


Doesn't always work


Paint a vertical line down a painting

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Warehouse 9 Agents







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An Zhengwen (1368-1644) was an Imperial Chinese painter during the Ming Dynasty. Although famous for his paintings of people and buildings he was also considered a man of the people. As such he changed his style during the end of his life to create propaganda paintings for the Shun Dynasty. Due to the impact that these paintings were having on the peasants, bolstering their ranks and hope for change, he was often the target of assassination attempts.

It was rumored that the assassins listened just outside his door knowing that he was in his room only to burst open and find it empty. He managed to just barely escape three times, however the forth time he was found and killed. An unclear report, a note from a man to his wife, informed her that An was just standing in front of one of his paintings, his hand against it and wonder in his eyes. A mental break was suspected as his latest art had a line drawn in it, his dying words translated into "My painting you have failed to cover me."


When the user paints a vertical line down a painting then can step into the painting into an all white world with the painting as a window to peer out into. The painter can remain safe for as long as he wants, however if the brush is left behind there is no way to retrieve it without the use of another artifact. History shows that An used it three times in a row but other attempts to see if this is the max are inconclusive as it worked only one time during a trial then sixteen times during a later trial.


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