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Vizier to Cleopatra

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Artifacts relating to Egyptian Gods


Life before Warehouse 2[edit | edit source]

Born 89 B.C. Born in Alexandria, Egypt and named after the stealthy Goddess as she was known to be able to move like a shadow, mostly unnoticed. A natural ability it would help her get into restricted places and learn many secrets. One person who took notice of her ways was Cleopatra when Amunet was discovered in her chambers, instead of executing the young woman she was appointed one of her many Viziers.

Warehouse 2[edit | edit source]

Was introduced to the Warehouse by Cleopatra herself in 60 BC.

Destruction of Warehouse 2/Death[edit | edit source]

Amunet was depicted to be present at the meeting with the Regents to move the Warehouse. Having grown to love it as a second home she was displeased but understood their reasoning. Amunet remained within the Warehouse in order to keep guard while a new location was sought out. Eventually the news of both Antony and Cleopatra's deaths reached her ears along with the deaths of Besa and Anoubapion through mutual acquaintances. Distraught Amunet, remaining within Warehouse 2, activated the failsafe to bury the Warehouse effectively entombing herself and Warehouse 2 so that Warehouse 3 could be activated. Died 30 B.C. - With the Warehouse

Notable Artifacts Collected[edit | edit source]

Cleopatra's Preserved Asp

Rod of Asclepius

Iounn’s Bowl of Golden Apples

Ptolemy XII Auletes' Ankh Charm

Apollo of Veii's Arms

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