Amulet of Hapi
Amulet of Hapi


Hapi (God of annual flooding of The Nile)


Ancient Egyptian Amulet


Floods surrounding area in water and leaves behind rich soil




Holding or wearing

Collected by

Warehouse 2


Ancient Archives

Date of Collection

Unknown (Era of Warehouse 2



Originally build within the Nilometer on the Elephantine Island, it was used as a marker for the meter. This amulet was used by the cult of the god of annual flooding of the Nile, Hapi. The cult often used the amulet to change the levels to flood the Nile and stop famines.

The amulet depicts the god, Hapi, surrounded by a hippopotamus and a crocodile with Egyptian hieroglyphs that says: "Akhet".


When held or worn on the neck, the amulet surrounds the area in water, flooding the area in water from the Nile. Afterwards, the flooded area is covered by a rich top soil.


This artifact was collected during the era of Warehouse 2 after a incident almost caused the death of a unnamed pharaoh whose name has been redacted from ancient Warehouse 2 files. It made its way out of Egypt with several other artifacts in attempted (and ultimately useless) to move Warehouse 2 to Warehouse 3, but with Julius Caesar closing in on the Warehouse, the regents only gathered what they could. This would lead into a chain of events that turned into a assassination attempt at Caesar by the Regents, fearing that Caesar would use the Warehouse to control the world. The Regents of Warehouse 2 and the Roman Senate eventually came to the decision and payed off Marcus Brutus to assassinate him.

This artifact was once used to put out the fires that burned Warehouse 3 during a attack on Rome by Vespasian's army.

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