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Amityville House Windows
One of the two windows, just prior to collection.


The Amityville Horror


Two quarter-moon windows


Depletes surrounding air




Catching artificial light

Collected by

Warehouse 13









On November 13, 1974, twenty-three year old eldest son Ronald "Butch" DeFeo, Jr. shot and killed his parents and four siblings as they slept in their home at 112 Ocean Ave. in Amityville, New York. In the subsequent trial, Defeo testified that he was compelled by disembodied voices to commit the murders. In spite of his attempted plea for insanity as well as the bizarre nature of the murders, he was given six consecutive life sentences.

The next year on July 4th, newlyweds George and Kathy Lutz, as well their three children from Kathy's previous marriage, moved into the now empty DeFeo home. They would move out only twenty-eight days later. The paranormal phenomena they experienced in that time would lead to one of the United States' most famous ghost stories ever - the Amityville Horror.

Claims of cold spots, swarms of flies, flickering lights, delusions of body horror, and rapid personality changes in the Lutz family sparked the interest of demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were in charge of the initial investigation. However, the notoriety from the publication of the fictionalized account of the events by Jay Anson and it's film adaptation has led to significant controversy. The Lutz family, as well as the Warrens, Anson, DeFeo and his lawyer have all at one point been accused of exaggerating or outright lying about the events of Amityville. All that can be said for certain is that since the Lutzs owned the home, no other home owner has experienced any sort of haunting - unless you count the visits by horror fanatics.


The iconic quarter-moon windows from the front of the home, when illuminated by artificial light, become specialized vacuums which absorb surrounding air. The lack of oxygen can cause shortness of breath, rapid heart rates, and mental aberrations. Actual sounds can become muffled, further distorting perceptions.


When the house was remodeled soon after the first throngs of paranormal enthusiasts invaded Amityville in the seventies, Warehouse 13 quietly collected the windows.

They are now stored in a vacuum sealed crate in the Samhain Sector.