Amenemhat III’s Pyramidion
Pyramid capstone


Amenemhat III


Pyramid capstone


Goodwill Refraction


Self-Inflicted Damage/Injury


Usage as a construction element

Collected by

Warehouse 12


Ancient Archives





Date of Collection

March 15, 1857



Amenemhat III had a reign of 45 years that saw the true flourishing of the Middle Kingdom. Peace was the norm, which freed up resources for construction programs. The Mer-Wer (Great Canal) both dammed up a branch of the Nile and connected it to a natural oasis in Fayum, allowing continual access to reserve water. Villages with temples and workshops popped up around many mining sites. More statues of him are found across digs than any other Middle Kingdom leader, which reflected his true physical age. His projects may have also bankrupted the dynasty and enticed invaders to pillage.

He also had an expansive pyramid like any prosperous pharaoh but alas, it was poorly designed. It was abandoned near its completion and left to fail from weakened structural supports on the inside and looting of the foundation stones on the outside. A second attempt was undertaken in Hawara with a temple instead for the deceased king. It was said to be so complexly layered that Herodotus based the Minotaur’s labyrinth off it.


Will absorb any goodwill within the immediate area and amplify to tremendous proportions. Causes people to behave more cordially and become less combative with another. Also affects the local environment. Conditions become more favorable (sunny weather, high market shares, actual giveaway sweepstakes) to each individual and the underlying community. Whole cities and provinces will find an upswing in their fortunes from good coincidences and people acting more calmly.

Often places physical strain on the activator or nearby persons to redirect the negative energy. Leaves people and structures heavily aged, suffering from extreme weakness on the point of collapse.

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