Amber Sphere




Amber Sphere


Preserves and projects memories


Significant discomfort and pain



Collected by

Warehouse 4


Regent Vault



Specific origins are unknown, but was collected from the shores of ancient Germany. At one point it was owned by the Athenian general Nicias, who believed it to be solidified sunlight. It was perhaps its power that caused him confusion, as Apollo is both the god of the sun and prophecy.

After collection it was held by the Regents and kept secure by an appointed Memory Proper. This Regent was trained to use this artifact in cases of damaged or repressed memories. It was used by the Regent Taka to view Leena's memories after she was controlled by the Pearl of Wisdom in the episode "Time Will Tell".


Drawing from amber's natural preservation capabilities, this large sphere of amber can draw out repressed memories and store them within itself for a short time. During this period, the memories can be viewed by anyone who touches the sphere, though only those with proper psychological training will be able to decipher the mess of images and sounds. This process can cause significant discomfort and pain the the memory owner, depending on the severity of the repression and how willing they are to share their memories.

Due to it's potential use, it is kept secure in a Regent Vault and is employed only by a single trained Memory Proper. It is brought out to counter artifacts that block or alter memories or cause brainwashing.

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