Alfred Snoxall's 'Mad Minute' Lee-Enfield Rifle


Alfred Snoxall/The Mad Minute


Bolt-action Rifle


Capable of firing 38 shots a minute at a desired target. Has unlimited ammo.


Aiming down sights at desired target

Collected by

Consultant Bri Rependata








1914: Britian[edit | edit source]

The 'Mad Minute' Exercise was for British riflemen to test how many shots they could get into a 12" area target in one minute. While an acceptable score was 15 rounds, many managed to reach at least 30, and in the case of Alfred Snoxall in 1914, the current record of 38 rounds.

This gun took in the rapid gunfire that made it an artifact, and turned itself in to what very well could be mistaken for a machine gun, capable of firing the said 38 rounds and never requiring a reload.

Today: Lithuania[edit | edit source]

When Warehouse Consultants Tyler Lepido, Bri Rependata, and Matt Sordens went to rescue Consultant Nikki Nola, they came across three turrets guarding a hall. One had Snoxall's Rifle and the other two had Tony Montana's M16A2 & the Original MP42. Using Bass Reeve's Marshal Badge and the Neutralizer Shotgun, they managed to neutralize, snag, and bag them.

Moths Shall Play episode: 0114 'Into the Gauntlet'[edit | edit source]
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