Alfred Adler’s Coat Rack
Alfred Adler’s Coat Rack


Alfred Adler


Coat Rack


Alters personality types


Difficulty retaining a balanced persona


Wearing clothing from the hooks


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Austrian doctor and psychotherapist Alfred Adler was the founder of the school of individual psychology. Originally an ophthalmologist, he switched to general practice and had many circus performers and freaks as his first patients, taking note of their unusual physical differences but mental wholeness. Adler disagreed with eminent psychologist Sigmund Freud, theorizing the social element was also important in understanding the mind.

His most famous advancement is pioneering research into inferiority conditions, where subjects would unconsciously transmit feelings of insecurity and weakness into false superiority, or back to a state of lost purpose. Without definite goals that can never be subjectively checked, people were liable to never achieve a satisfying end result. He maintained this balance of superiority-inferiority existed in many specific psychological instances, such as spirituality, substance addiction and even birth order, where the middle child had the best chance of avoiding exclusion, pampering and social frailty.


Wearing articles from the hangers makes the user adopt a different intensity of approach towards life. They will many times feel self-loathing and worthless, as if they have failed in their duties. Others will feel their spirits lifted to the point of egocentrism and obsession, resulting in mania. Very few settle into a temperament that balances both the submissive and unyielding portions of the psyche. Swapping clothing between multiple people causes the wearers to emulate the original owner in willpower.

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