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Alexander the Great's Bronze Breastplate
"Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all."

- Alexander the Great


Alexander the Great




Absorbs and redirects energy


Energy buildup can cause explosions or poisoning



Collected by

Warehouse 1







Date of Collection

323 BC



Alexander III of Macedon (356-323 B.C.E), otherwise known as Alexander the Great, was a Macedonian king known for his military prowess which allowed him to expand his empire into one of the largest in the ancient world, spanning from Greece to India, all before the age of thirty.

Alexander's succession to the throne after the assassination of his father, Philip the II, was marked by political discord, as states of the empire began to revolt. Alexander's consolidation of power during this time established his reputation in battle, which served him well during the Balkan campaign (to enforce his northern borders) and the long-planned invasion into Persia. Alexander is recorded as having never lost a battle, and the immense wealth his army plundered kept his empire wealthy in his absence.

In the spring of 323 B.C.E., Alexander had moved to Babylon and was planning an invasion of Arabia. On June 2nd, he mysteriously fell sick and died 11 days later. His empire, already stretched thin from his military campaigns, quickly dissolved into separate kingdoms after his death.


Alexander became acquainted with artifacts following the death of his father, and is the founder of the Warehouse system, which is why it is suspected that his death was in some way artifact-related. His bronze breastplate became imbued with his unbeatable military tactics, and may have been the cause of his death. However, it could have simply gained it's downside from being present during his death.

This artifact absorbs and can redirect various forms of energy, such as kinetic, electricity, and heat, at the behest of the wearer. If worn too long without releasing the absorbed energy, it will build up and become very unstable, leading to the artifact and it's wearer exploding. The artifact can absorb the energy of it's own explosions, but it has been damaged by artifact-induced corrosion.

If worn for more than twelve days, the wearer will succumb to a sudden and unidentifiable poison produced by the breastplate. The breastplate does not seem to recognize former wearers, however, as it can be worn safely for another eleven days if taken off for a day prior to the twelfth day in a row of use.