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Alcmaeon of Croton's Ring
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Alcmaeon of Croton




Severs any foreign connections to the victim's brain.


Wearer must have a above average intelligence to activate.



Collected by

Warehouse 3


Ovoid Quarantine





Date of Collection

206 A.D.



Alcmaeon of Croton was one of the most eminent natural philosophers and medical theorists of antiquity. His father's name was Peirithus (Peirithos). He is said by some to have been a pupil of Pythagoras, and he may have been born around 510 BC. Although he wrote mostly on medical topics there is some suggestion that he was not a physician but a philosopher of science; he also indulged in astrology and meteorology. Nothing more is known of the events of his life.

He was considered by many an early pioneer and advocate of anatomical dissection and was said to be the first to identify Eustachian tubes. His celebrated discoveries in the field of dissection were noted in antiquity.


Separates the mind from attachments that over-cloud the brain, ceasing any manipulation the object or person taking over. The wearer must have a above average intelligence to operate.


This artifact was collected by a regent of Warehouse 3 and effectively used to counteract the effects of Aladdin's Lamp on many different occasions throughout Warehouse history. First, the ring was used on Aladdin himself to stop his terrible reign, second, it was used by the Regents of Warehouse 10 to stop Abbas I of Persia from using the lamp to move his kingdom's capital from Qazvin to Isfahan, but during the squabble with Warehouse 10, the lamp was lost in a caravan heading out of Iran, never to be seen again. At least for another 500 years.

Myka Bering had to use the ring against Daniel Tareef who used the lamp unknowingly to try to bring his family out of poverty, but the lamp got the best of Daniel and turned him into a power hungry warlord trying to take over Topeka, Kansas.