Alberto Burri's "Sacking and Red"
Sacking and Red


Alberto Burri




Texture Manipulation


Isolationist Tendencies


Walking around

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Warehouse 13







Date of Collection

May 27, 2018



Inspirational to nearly all major Post-War art movements, Alberto Burri radically departed from normal painting. He favored a dynamic painting process, constantly twisting his latest canvas and moving it around to appreciate his current work from another viewpoint. Burri specialized his niche by employing unusual materials into his works.

Tar, sand, vinyl glue, aluminum dust and pumice took over his early works of “painting without paint”. As he finetuned his craft, discarded burlap sacks, melted plastic and welded metal became standards in his repertoire. Even pattern was reinvented, using pigment, adhesive and sewing to replicate mold and cracking.

Burri’s passion for art blossomed during combat. Captured as a POW and unable to practice any medicinal practice, Burri occupied himself at the easel instead. After Burri’s release, he abandoned the doctoral field for more artistic pursuits, normally keeping to himself instead of socializing with fellow artists.


Walking around the painting to recapture its intimately personal creation triggers the effects. Any surface can have its physical texture and uniformity altered with a touch. Wrinkling, corrosion, crumbling and discoloration can all be remedied instantly. Coarseness can be adjusted until sandpaper rough or polished smooth, allowing for any industrial requirement. For some specialized substances, hardness and viscosity can also fluctuate. Even flat objects can become contoured, turning drawings into physical scale models.

The user will experience great calm on the verge of serenity whenever they are alone. Any desires to socialize slowly fade away while they happily indulge in their work. Eventually, the user will retreat from most public interactions and actively try to avoid any form of contact.

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