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Albert Fish's Whip of Nails
Albert Fish's Whip of Nails .jpg
An "Instrument of Hell"


Hamilton Howard "Albert" Fish


Whip of nails


Holder gains telekinetic control over all methods of torture


Increases user's sadistic nature.



Collected by

Oto Barry


Ovoid Quarantine


Area 48-D

Date of Collection

June 2nd, 1979



Albert Fish is known by many names, including "The Bogey Man", "The Brooklyn Vampire" and "Moon Maniac". This is mostly because of his violent, sadistic behavior: he sexually assaulted young boys for twenty years before progressing onto serial killing sprees. Fish was a sadomasochist; he enjoyed inflicting and receiving pain for sexual excitement. He created many torture instruments, such as whips with sharp nails – a device that he called his "Instruments from Hell". He preferred to put his victims through indescribably painful deaths, as opposed to killing them quickly.


When held, the whip glows with a violent red aura that covers the holder and emanates as a deep haze from their eyes. Those who wiled the whip will be able to telekinetically control all methods of torture (physical, mental, and emotional), to any degree. The longer it is used, the more sadistic the user grows. It also seems to give off waves of emotional energy, as the agents who encountered it felt deep anger and great fear.

It should be noted that in some circumstances, the whip's power can become extremely overwhelming to the point where it takes control of the holder's body (mostly in cases where the wielder is not entirely willing to act on its sadistic inclination) and to an extent, their mind as well. In such cases, it is extremely difficult to break free of the whip's control without Neutralization, but not impossible.


This artifact was collected on the birthday of presumed deceased ex-Agent Oto Barry after his possession by the 1940s Damaged Rotary Phone. It has been in his possession ever since, and was used against Agents Taylor, Korss, Hosfelt and Draco. Agent Draco distracted Barry, now dubbed "PhOto", which led to his defeat before it was revealed he was simply a clone created by Tomas de Torquemada's Torch. This whip was subsequently collected.

Later, this whip, along with several other artifacts, were removed from the Warehouse by Agent Scott in a revenge plot against "PhOto". "PhOto" obtained the whip first before giving it to Scott in an attempt to recruit him as a protege. While Scott intended to use the whip against him, its power overwhelmed and possessed him, and he nearly killed several agents before Scott's subconscious influence made him go after and attempt to murder "PhOto" instead (after disposing of all the monsters created by the "Fright Nights" Fog Machine first) before the persuasion of Agent Draco allowed Garrett and Scott to work in tandem to control their body enough to Neutralize the whip.