Suicide Bomber's Alarm Clock
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Used as the timer/ trigger on homemade explosives


Unknown Suicide Bomber


Alarm Clock


If set, it will teleport into a random Jewish Synagogue or Christian Church, when it goes off it explodes.





Collected by

Warehouse 13 Agents


The Dark Vault


Podium 67

Date of Collection



Origin[edit | edit source]

The trigger device’s original origin is unknown. Suicide attacks have been around since explosives were first turned into weapons. The term of suicide terrorism was defined by Ami Pedahzur as violent actions perpetrated by people who are aware that the odds that they will return alive are close to zero. It's also described as a reckless charge into battle removing the close and simply making it zero, no chance of survival. That the perpetrator's ensured death is a precondition for the success of his mission. The official term of suicide bombing dates back to the 1940s when a New York Times article used the term to describe German tactics in WWII. Further research into the clock itself confirms that it is the type most commonly used by the Al-Qaeda's most basic of vests.

Effects[edit | edit source]

If set, it will teleport into a random Jewish Synagogue or Christian Church, when it goes off it explodes.

Collection[edit | edit source]

In 2005 Agent Jacob Torres along with another agent took the Alarm Clock and the Guardian Scarecrow to a small church in South Dakota. Setting the Alarm Clock they planted the Scarecrow next to it in the church's dirt floor and watched it explode. The force field generated by the Scarecrow prevented damage and both agents confirmed that the explosion was enough to level any normal church or synagogue (approximately the size of a two story mansion) as the explosion inside appeared to have a mushroom cloud shape. Due to the destruction power it was placed within the Dark Vault.

Storage and Handling[edit | edit source]

Neutralizer gloves are mandatory. All agents handling the artifact are advised to be extremely careful when handling the artifact outside of the neutralizer field to prevent accidental activation of the artifact.

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