Alan Hale Jr.'s Skipper Hat
Skipper sailor cap flat


Alan Hale Jr (Jonas Grumby "The Skipper")


Captain's Hat


When worn, it sends a SOS signal in a omni-directional wave.


Susceptible to slapstick and hi-jinks.


Putting on the hat.

Collected by

Arthur Nielson


Artie's Office

Date of Collection

August 14th, 1992



Originally worn by the actor Alan Hale Jr. whom played Jonas Grumby AKA "The Skipper" in the 1960s sitcom "Gilligan's Island" which was about seven castaways marooned on a island whom try to adapt and get rescued off the island. The show ran for three seasons and gained a cult following years after plus a place in pop culture.

The captain's hat, which Hale wore every episode, was imbued with his character's longing to become rescued from the island.


When worn, the hat sends out a SOS signal in a omni-directional wave that can reach any radio equipment within a 30 mile radius and beyond. However, the wearer will become susceptible to slapstick and hi-jinks.


Collected by Arthur Nielson on August 14th, 1992 in Orlando, Florida.

Used whenever in a situation where Artie is ever stuck on a deserted island if ever placed in that situation. But due to the downside, its always safe to let Pete wear it.

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