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Al Capone's Machine Guns


Al Capone; St. Valentine's Massacre


Pair of Tommy Guns and Ammo Belts


Wildly fires when trigger is pulled. Belts allow unlimited ammunition.


Follows the most flashy, expensive target. Scattershot and changes course for a showy battle.


Holding/Wearing, pulling trigger.

Collected by

Warehouse 13







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Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Capone was an American gangster during the 1930s at the height of the Prohibition. Today he is the most recognized name in organized crime and his legacy as a mob boss is legendary.

These Tommy guns were wielded by Capone's men during the events of the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre in 1929, where they shot and killed seven members of a rival gang. Due to their impressive firepower, it is believed Capone lent these guns to his men specifically for the job. They were collected from officials after his arrest and replaced with replicas.

Although he orchestrated the threats, party kickbacks and retaliatory attacks, the most Capone physically did was duck from return gunfire. He instead had a reputation for letting his enforcers do all the wetwork while indulging in his wealth. Everyone on the Chicago Loop recognized the pinstriped gangsta' smoking premium cigars, drinking Templeton Rye whiskey and entertaining a gaggle of showy ladies. On vacation trips, the entire posse would roll up to the terminal station without warning and buyout a whole Pullman train car under false names. The absence of these luxuries during his imprisonment only worsened his bruised pride and bodily health.

They were seen and used to a terrifying effect in the Warehouse 13 episode, "Endless Terror"


When held, the guns unleash a wild storm of bullets when the trigger is so much as touched. The guns don't stop until either the round is empty or all targets are dead. Noted not to work when separated and, in fact, will not fire at all. Accompanying the guns is a pair of ammo belts that, if worn at the same time, provide the guns with infinite ammunition.

Attracted to the most valuable or high-profile targets. Will curve around worthless drivel to hit anything with a large net worth. Failing that, it shoots at whatever would get the biggest buzz for being shot, such as a rival figure in violent fashion. Otherwise, they just spread uncontrollably in their immediate path.

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