Aki Ra’s Landmine Casings


Aki Ra


Landmine Casings


Deactivates all nearby landmines


Can cause anxiety and health problems


Proximity to unexploded mines


Out and About List



Aki Ra is a former Khmer Rouge conscripted child soldier who works as a deminer and museum curator in Siem Reap, Cambodia. He has devoted his life to removing landmines in Cambodia and to caring for young landmine victims. Aki Ra states that since 1992 he has personally removed and destroyed as many as 50,000 landmines, and is the founder of the Cambodian Landmine Museum.


Each affected casing can make unexploded landmines deactivate. It will either disassemble the triggering mechanism or make the explosives inert. The user will go through periods of anxiety and their health will worsen, similar to long term exposure to explosive chemicals.


The casings have not been collected yet for several reasons. The Warehouse is currently uncertain if only a select few or rather all of the casings in his museum are artifacts. Due to their beneficial properties to former warzones, the decision was made to not collect them. They instead have reached an agreement with Ra to quietly relocate several of the casings to similar areas across the world, while the rest will remain under his possession.

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