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Akhenaten's Blue Crown
Akhenaten with blue crown.jpg
A statue of Akhenaten wearing the crown


Pharaoh Akhenaten/Heretical worship of Aten




Causes people to worship the one thing that the wearer wants then to worship


When the effects wear off, the followers turn on the wearer.



Collected by

Original collectors Unknown. Transferred to Warehouse 13 by Agents Peter Lattimer and Myka Bering


Ancient Archives

Date of Collection

Original collection was after death of Akhenaten, around 1336-1334 BC Transferred to Warehouse 13 on


A transfer from Warehouse 2.


The Crown

An Egyptian Khepresh or Blue War Crown with a cartouche of Akhenaten's name inscribed along the edge.


The artifact absorbed Pharaoh Akhenaten's desire to create a new belief system during his rule.


The regents of Warehouse 2 managed to acquire it almost immediately after the Heretic Pharaoh's death, making the artifact's label one of the few instances of Akhenaten's name to survive being destroyed after his rule.

It was stored in Warehouse 2 for millennia until being transferred to Warehouse 13 with other artifacts from there.


When worn, the user can cause people to worship whomever the wearer chooses, basically forcing people to convert. It is basically a mind control helmet. However, after a period of time (exact is unknown), these worshippers will turn against the wearer and quite possibly kill them. It is suggested that the artifact be neutralized before this time is up. If this is not possible, seek an audience with Pharaoh Tutankhamun. Records show that being in the boy king's presence cancelled the effect. Artifacts that bear Tutankhamen's influence, such as his Ankh or throne, also automatically neutralize the crown's effects.


Pharaoh Akhenaten, sometimes called the Heretic Pharaoh, or simply "the enemy," ruled during Egypt's eighteenth dynasty. Five years into his rule, he decided to abandon the traditional Egyptian polytheism and replace it with the monotheistic worship of the Aten solar disk. As a result, he was struck from history, his city demolished, and almost every mention of his name and image destroyed, even those in his own tomb, by the cult of Amun-Ra in an attempt to destroy his soul and memory.

Pharaoh Tutankhamun assisted in the restoration of Egypt's polytheistic culture.


  • This crown is one of the only Egyptian crowns that has ever been found in modern times, due to having been inside Warehouse 2 when the Egyptian Empire fell. most other crowns have been destroyed or lost.
  • Pretty much every other Egyptian artifact reacts negatively in the presence of this crown.