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The Aisle of Noel, a sub-section of the Holiday Section, houses all artifacts Christmas-themed and December holiday related. Some artifacts were previously stored simply in the Holiday Section due to small space, but recent renovations have increased the size of the Aisle, allowing more artifacts to be stored here. While located in the middle of the Holiday Section, the Aisle of Noel has grown so large that it is considered it's own separate area. Like the Samhain Sector's Scarecrow, this section is protected by Balda's Bough of Mistletoe.

Pete entering the Aisle of Noel to shelve Rudolph's Nose.

Artifacts in Storage



Warehouse 13 Artifact Database Wiki Aisle of Noel

Merry Christmas!!


  • According to "The Greatest Gift", this aisle contained, as of 2011, over 600 artifacts.