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Warehouse 13 Agent

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Organization and Location of Artifacts.


Life before the WarehouseEdit

For Mr. Stall his life was simple, as he grew up wanting to run his own business and not have to worry about working under someone's shoe. Then he won the lottery and life got easier for him after he opened a few businesses. Now Mr. Stall is a collector, he likes to get things that interest him, and since he won the lottery he managed to make more time to gather the things he wanted. He used ebay a lot, and traveled cross country (Both Canada and the States) to auction shows and even small garage sales, finding things that perked his interest. Around this time his watch became an artifact and it started to make him think about the stuff he had begun to collect, and noticed that after he had managed to gather a few artifacts, that he seemed to be finding them a little too easily.

Before he met Pete and Myka, Mr. Stall had gained a few more artifacts, which led him to taking down a group that used artifacts to their advantage.


Mr. Stall joined the warehouse because he managed to snag an artifact before Pete and Myka did, which lead them to finding out about his artifacts. After having the duo, Artie and Leena show up and began to ask questions and look around his home at the artifacts, not only did they notice that the downsides of the artifacts were not affecting Mr. Stall, but their aura's did not have an affect on him; instead whenever Mr. Stall's aura seemed to touch an artifact's aura, his dominated the artifact.

So to prove he wasn't a threat Mr. Stall took them to a storage locker auction in Florida, by way of his own travel methods, to see how he managed to find some artifacts. Out of the four lockers presented he bought two, and managed to find a soda fountain machine, headphones and a lighter. Despite the others telling him not to use them, Mr. Stall used each artifact, showing their abilities, and for the soda fountain and lighter, their downsides. When he was done he admitted that on a good day he would find "either one to two artifacts," and he "just knew they were in the lockers," despite that he told Leena to not say anything if she had sensed them before hand, as he wanted to prove that he was telling the truth. He also told the group that he only knows if he has found an artifact when he actually touches it as "it makes me feel at ease". Though he did have trouble with the lighter, as it burned him a bit, which it proved his theory that some artifacts will not succumb to his aura as others as other artifacts have done. He even believes that he may have been close a few times to get an artifact, but the artifact managed to keep away.

Since then he has been an Agent of the warehouse, and from time to time he leaves to go off on his own, and usually comes back with an artifact or two. He even helps Leena shelf the artifacts that come in, as he just seems to know where they go.

Artifacts that he carries with him or uses:

Artifacts RecoveredEdit

Artifacts he collected on his own: Edit

Artifacts he collected with other agents: Edit

(Just to note, Mr. Stall is young, it's just that the photo of him was the only one I could find of a man dressed in a suit. :P)

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