Agatha Christie's Wedding Ring
Ag Chris ring


Agatha Christie


Wedding ring


Causes people to act on murderous impulses


Culprit will be able to hide evidence expertly


In presence of hostile thoughts

Collected by

Warehouse 12 or 13







Date of Collection

Prior to 1930



Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie was a renowned author and is hailed as the Queen of Murder Mystery. Between 1920 and 1976 she authored 66 detective novels and many short stories, mostly focused on murder mysteries and crimes. In late 1926, her husband Archibald Christie asked her for a divorce, as he was in love with a woman named Nancy Neele. Shamed and betrayed, Agatha ran off in the night and remained missing for eleven days. No accounts of her activity during this time exist, but it has been speculated that it was an attempt to frame her husband for her murder as an act of revenge. The Christies divorced officially in 1928 and Agatha retained custody of their daughter and kept her married name for her writing.


The diamond ring from Agatha's first marriage became an artifact born from both spite and passion. Seemingly integrating her desire to see her ex-husband ruined and her love of crime and mystery, the ring has the ability to cause people in the area to act upon hidden or repressed feelings of anger, humiliation and jealousy. These emotions blossom as violent behavior, eventually culminating in murderous acts. The individuals, however, are also filled with cunning and will go out of their way to hide their crime. This can extend to becoming an impressive liar to framing another for the crime. These augmented traits are so impressive that none but the most skilled detective could call them out, though with advancements in crime-fighting technology such things are considerably more easier to solve.

An interesting facet of the ring is that it's one of the few artifacts known to be completely passive when in use, that is to say, being worn. While on someones finger, it may be considered completely neutralized. Because of this, it is the duty of the Caretaker to wear the ring at all times to prevent it's destructive effects from interfering with the Warehouse staff.

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