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Aegicoros' Goblet
Aegicoros took a drink from the Goblet and hurled him into the future


Aegicoros the Odd




Time Travel




Drinking from the Goblet

Collected by

Artie Nielson and Claudia Donovan







Date of Collection

October 12, 2012



Aegicoros (April 1, 1123 - February 23, 1191), also known as Aegicoros the Odd, Great Wizard of England and Aegicoros Radulescu was a 12th century wizard who ruled in the art of Time Travel. Although known to the people of England as a odd, foolish old man that dabbled into the magical arts, he is most remembered for his rants to the advisers of England that he had successfully made a jump through time itself. Found through documents from his twenty something apprentice Willibald Natoli, one of the passages described Aegicoros sudden disappearance and re-appearance in 1190.

Willibald recorded Aegicoros steps as he shown him how to supposedly travel in time, this account told that Aegicoros had bought a cursed chalice (Goblet) from a Necromancer in Sussex. With the right amount of "Magic" he could control where he traveled through the mountain of time. He turned the cursed cup, into a cup that would obey him, with this, he brewed his favorite tea and took a drink from the Goblet. Willibald thought the old man had gone crazy, but proved him wrong as the old man disappeared right before his eyes. It would be 20 years before anyone would see him again.

In 1190, Aegicoros appeared back in England, showing the advisers that he trans-versed the corridors of time with the help of a cup. He talked about chariots of metal, flying people and enormous castles that stretched into the heavens themselves a place where he said he was excited to be in. Convincing the advisers to show that the cup worked he attempted to travel again. On February 23, 1191, Aegicoros drunk from the Goblet in front of Richard's advisers. This time, it did nothing, The advisers ordered him thrown out along with the Goblet. Unknown to the Wizard, the Goblet did work and it sent him back from where he had traveled to, without the Goblet.


When the goblet is used as a drinking vessel, the user is thrown forward in time an unspecified amount of years. A second drink will pull them back to their original time, relative to how long they were in the future (a drink in 1191, two years in the future, then returning would bring the user back to 1193).

A specific series of events is required to activate the effects, a process noted to be similar to alchemy. The exact circumstances required to make a jump is unknown, Aegicoros' only mention of it is a "right amount of Magic". Given it's reputed origin, the magic is suspected to be necromantic.


This Goblet was buried for over a millennium until a expedition team discovered it in the dungeon with other relics in 1899. After that, it was placed in a English museum for over fifty years, until it was discovered by the Agents of Warehouse 13 and recovered. Now it sits in Warehouse 13.


-I'd imagine wherever Aegicoros is, he's happy.