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Warehouse 13 Agent Aden Taylor
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Fanboy, bookworm, minor god


Aden Taylor





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Warehouse 13 Agent, Bookstore assistant, founding member of the Ascendere

Previous Occupation

Library reshelver

Area of Expertise

Fan-created artifacts, mythology and Legends.



Aden's life prior to the Warehouse wasn't very interesting. Two years prior to the Warehouse, he and a close friend, Juan Miguel, discovered and activated the Skaian Chess Set. Succeeding in defeating its challenge, Aden recieved the ability to redistribute Space at will. The pair, recognizing the danger of the artifact and their own powers, removed a queen from the board, rendering the artifact largely inert.

One year after this event, Aden attended a fan convention, where he unknowingly purchased the Poké Ball, which would not activate for several months. The artifact la responded to a bout of frustration and unleashed an attack later identified as "Spacial Rend" and cleaved a tree in two. It was soon collected with no major resistance from Aden by the Warehouse and he was promptly hired by Mrs. Frederic.

Life at the Warehouse

First Case

Agent Taylor's first case as a Warehouse Agent was the acquisition of the Azure Flute, twin to the Poke Ball. A gang had discovered its powers to manipulate various forms of energy and matter and were using it terrorize a small town. Through clever use of the Poke Ball, Agent Taylor used the teleporting "Shadow Force" and Hypnosis to wrest the flute from the gang leader.

Azletar Incident

Agent Taylor's primary focus in the Warehouse is on artifacts related to fan communities, such as the aforementioned Poke Ball and Azure Flute. Noting the Ball's energy drain in certain areas of the section, he discovered and unsealed an unlabled large clay pot containing the homunculus, due to his lack of training regarding such artifacts, exposing Azletar to the Warehouse at large.

After much studying, the creature was given the position as a protector of the Warehouse, and Agent Taylor's training in proper protocol was accelerated.

Reveal of Risen One Powers

(TBA, Aden generally uses his abilities in subtle ways, eventually reveals them in B&B)

Von Dichi Incident

Founding the Ascendere, stopping Von Dichi.


Aden is an introvert most of the time, but once you get him to trust you, he can be as emotional as the sea. He's also a smart- alec, willing to use sarcasm to get under skin. When pressed, Aden can and will use his abilities to mess up one's day.

Aden can be cocky at times, and can sometimes get very annoyed or angry quickly, especially when someone is being stupid.

Skills and Abilities

Mundane Skills

  • Crossbow Proficiency - To vent stress, Aden visits a local shooting range with his crossbow.
    • This skill can translate into a decent marksmanship with a Tesla.
  • Dagger/Khopesh proficiency - Aden has demonstrated skill using the Egyptian hook-sword and a dagger, sometimes using them as channeling foci for his Risen One abilities.


As a Risen One, Aden has a number of powerful abilities.

  • Flight - Aden can fly under his own power at will. Whether this is an effect granted via his spaciokinetic powers or a generic Risen One ability (though evidence points towards the latter) is unconfirmed.
  • Spaciokinesis: Aden has demonstrated the ability manipulate the fabric of space at will, via the redistribution of matter, size, distance, and energy.
    • This power is restricted greatly while in the Warehouse due to the heavy concentration of Neutralizer within the Warehouse and the immediate surrounding area.
  • Wormholes: Aden can "bridge" the distance between two points using something akin to an Einstien-Rosen wormhole/bridge. Physically, the wormholes manifest with a copper- and verdigris- colored border. Typically, Agent Taylor channels this ability through his crossbow. He can only preform this action twice a day.
  • Near-instant teleportation - By knowing an address or coordinates (relative to Earth), Aden can teleport himself and nearby individuals to the indicated location. This ability can burn out his more "impressive" abilities, leaving him restricted to the basics. After prefeorming this skill, Agent Taylor will be unable to do it again for 24 hours.
  • Psuedo-telekinesis - Aden manipulates the "space" an object occupies to pick up, lift, throw, or otherwise relocate an object. This ability is limited in that if the object or objects exceed his normal physical carrying capacity, Aden will show similar strain as if he were doing it by hand.
  • With effort, Aden can channel his power into an artifact, such as Simon Tookoome's Bullwhip, and allow the artifact to cut through space. In the case of the bullwhip, the result was that the user could hear the sounds emitted from a certain point in space time. However, this drains a lot of energy.
  • Conditional/Ressurective Immortality - Another of his default abilities as a Risen One, Aden has the power to simply get back up if he dies. However, if such a death is the result of a Just or Heroic Death, Aden will not revive, instead being truly dead.


  • Felix Draco - Friendly rivalry. Often calls Felix Kitten boy. Due to his conditional/ressurective immortality, Aden occasionally helps Felix with more dangerous tests.
  • Juan Miguel - Best friend/Co-Sburb player. Aden and Juan trust each other immensely
  • Mary Melinoe - Dated briefly before finding that they didn't quite click. Parted amicably.
  • Soul Blake - boyfriend.
  • HARP agents - Aden is on fairly decent terms with the members of HARP
  • Old Bone - Is good friends with the Zombie, but is also the unfortunate soul who needs to burn his grass skirt collection monthly.
  • Mehen - an Eternal Serpent living deep under Egypt, Aden pops down (literally) to visit the serpent and talk, oftentimes bringing food.


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  • Aden's task as a God Tier is, as a Rogue, to "Control [his] emotions/impulses and become independent" and, as a Space Player, to "learn to balance [his] imagination and being grounded; either extreme is too much." He's still working to succeed at this.
  • Egyptian artifacts tend to respond better to his usage.
  • He often carries around a conductor's baton that he uses to gently remind artifacts not to misbehave by delivering a light tap.
  • After his office was built in the Warehouse, Aden chose to sleep there, freeing up his room in the B&B for others.
    • He later moved in with Soul when the two started dating.
  • Aden has a tattoo of the Blue Lantern Logo on his left shoulder.
  • According to the Extended Zodiac sign, Aden is a Gemgo, sign of the Original.
    • Gemgo marks him as a goldblood Gemini, Prospit-swayed, and Space-bound
  • Aden doesn't particularly like artifacts that force false-death.
  • He has Coulrophobia, fear of clowns. Bringing up fixing it results in pain.
  • Aden prefers to duel with the Noble Knights Archetype deck, alongside it’s subarchetype, the Infernobles
  • Aden's Street Tier bag contains an aerosol Neutralizer can, his Farnsworth, custom Tesla, a switchblade knife, and whichever artifact he's using for the mission.
  • Aden's preferred cosplays are his God Tier outfit in its classic appearance, Steven Universe's Sour Cream, or his Khajiit Dragonborn. He's dedicated enough to the latter two that he'll forgo his aversion to colored contact lenses. When on a case, Aden manages to stay perfectly in character as much as he can while still collecting the artifact.
  • Aden is demisexual and biromantic, meaning that while he is romantically attracted to both men and women, he is on the asexual spectrum and only develops sexual feelings for those he has a close bond with, such as Soul.

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