A Christmas Story Leg Lamp


A Christmas Story


Leg Shaped Lamp


Incites family feuds




Plugging in

Collected by

Warehouse 13




Aisle of Noel



Date of Collection

May 31, 2010


Origin[edit | edit source]

“A Christmas Story” is a holiday comedy film made up of main story and several smaller subplots concerning one family Christmas. Ralphie Parker asks for a model air rifle for a present but is rejected by every adult for the same reason – he’ll shoot his eye out. Disappointed over his gifts, his father directs him towards the last unopened one, which contains the rifle. He elatedly plays target practice with it but doing so shoots his glasses off. Blindly searching, Ralphie accidentally crushes his glasses and in fear of punishment, lies to his mother an icicle hit him. She takes his word and the movie ends with Ralphie lying with his gun; an adult voiceover of Ralphie states it was the best present he ever received.

One of several smaller plot points are the scenes involving the lamp. Ralphie’s father had won a contest but did not know the prize until it was mailed to him – a leg shaped lamp in a fishnet stocking. Mr. Parker is overjoyed, but Mrs. Parker detests it. The resulting confrontation, “The Battle of the Lamp” as Ralphie puts it, ends with the accidental destruction of the lamp.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Starts family feuds whenever it is plugged in, making whoever plugs it in become obsessed with it and their surrounding close ones bitter over it.

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