2000 New Year's Ball


Y2K New Year


New Years Eve Millennium Ball


Creates a time loop of the last hour of the year


Affected people(s) suffer strain of looped time.


Every New Year

Collected by

Artie Nielson



Date of Collection

Jan. 1st 2000



On the day running up to the New Year, it has become a tradition in some major cities to place a large ornate ball on a pole, set to drop at the second the date changes. This particular ball came from the Y2K celebration, the dawn of a new millenium.

This was collected by Artie Neilson following the ball drop in New York City, when his slew of regrets caused him to loop the hour at least 15 times.


When the New Year approaches, the ball will crawl to the top of its pole. With one hour to go, it will proceed to decend slowly until reaching the bottom one the date changes. When this happens, anyone who sees the ball drop and has strong regrets of the last yearwill be sent back in time to when the ball reached the top of the pole, forcing them to relive the last hour of the year on repeat.

This loop continues for affected individuals until they resolve or make progress towards resolving their regrets. Currentlyno methods exist to stop the ball dropping on the New Year, and agents are simply advised to avoid watching the brilliant light show that happens at 11:00 every December the 31st.

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