1965 Pontiac Ambulance Emergency Lights
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1965 Pontiac Car Company


Car Lights


Removes all obstacles from the user's path


Only works in dire situations


Installing them onto a car and turning on the engine

Collected by

James MacPherson


Trap Aisle

Date of Collection

April 18th, 1974



The 1965 Pontiac Ambulance was one of the first ambulance vehicles to have flashing lights on the outside to prevent obstruction to the drivers.


When the lights are installed on a car, and the car is turned on, the lights will activate. They will cause any obstructions, be it traffic, lights, cops, pedestrians, etc. to move out of the driver's way. However, they only work in very important situations when the driver's adrenaline is high.


James collected these lights when a thief used them to escape from the police. James used Samuel Clemens' Riverboat Whistle to make the thief give up peacefully. It has been relocated next to the Haste-Detecting Traffic Light to cancel out the negative effects of the latter.

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