1895 White House Christmas Tree Lights
Redone lights


Grover Cleveland's 1895 White House Christmas


Christmas Tree Lights


Constricts and suffocates dishonest people/things


Being plugged in/electrically charged

Collected by

Lacy Jiverly and Abraham Mortisson




Aisle of Noel



Date of Collection

March 15, 1919



The White House Christmas Tree has become a well known Christmas tradition in the White House since at least the 1840's, though the exact date of the first is a matter of debate. The tree erected during Grover Cleveland's third term was the first to have the now commercial electric Christmas or "fairy" lights. This time also saw many economic panics and labor unrest, perhaps leading to the string of light's honest nature.


When plugged in or charged with a sufficient amount of energy, the lights become active and move in a serpentine fashion towards fakes, liars or frauds. It will proceed to wrap around and constrict the person or object, either killing or destroying it. If the target struggles, it can send off small sparks in an attempt to stun them. 


Collected from Washington, D.C. by Agents Lacy Jiverly and Abraham Mortisson after reports of people being strangled by lights in the White House caught the Warehouse's attention. This was the first time the lights had been used since 1895, as they were left in a closet for the past two and a half decades. Thankfully, the only deaths were two low-level staffers and one cook.


  • Riddles, optical illusions and half-truths are noted to confuse it, and it may stop and take several minutes or even hours to decide how to proceed.
  • It's known to get very active around Christmas and Spring Cleaning time, when electrical surges are at the highest. The last time it prowled the aisles, it attacked many "dishonest" artifacts, including Sinon's Helmet, Benedict Arnold's Sword and Richard Nixon's Shoes.
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