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When Ray Kroc bought out the McDonald's Corporation from the McDonald Brothers Richard and Maurice in 1961 there were a lot of raised petitions. Refusing to acknowledge a handshake agreement between them, the brothers would receive no royalties from the restaurant they had invested their life into. Kroc would turn McDonald's into the largest fast-food chain on Earth with approximately 36,900 locations worldwide with a staff of around 1.5 million.

One of the biggest landmarks in the history of the chain, its 100th store opened in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin in 1959.


When near a place of business, currently defined to any location that has paid employees, all people who work there identify themselves as employees of the McDonald's Corporation. If asked, they will give their occupation as the closest equivalent McDonald's offers, from "crew" and "shift manager" to more specific "McCafe Barista" and even "Ronald McDonald" himself.

The effects last about a week after exposure and affect all types of identification, be it verbal or written. Those affected notice nothing out of the ordinary, but may express uncharacteristic discontent with their job.

Collection and StorageEdit

Collected from the location following the messy handover of the corporation in 1961. Several customers and ex-staff began identifying as McDonald's employees despite holding various other jobs. The sign was replaced under the pretense of renovations.

After arriving in the Warehouse the issues did not stop. Improper storage caused it to activate and affect all Warehouse staff, causing a week of field missions to be suspended when the agents began mis-representing their cover stories.

The sign is now stored in a large metal crate close to the Office, which is not to be opened unless strictly necessary.

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