007's Gadgets


Ian Fleming/ Fan Beliefs


Assorted Gadgets


Always work flawlessly when needed


Only work when actually needed



Collected by

Arthur Nielsen







Date of Collection

September 17, 2003


Origins[edit | edit source]

The origins of the gadgets vary wildly, but most were fan-made, then transformed by belief and passionate loyalty to the franchise.

Effects[edit | edit source]

The gadgets all have different effects that will activate only when they are desperately needed. When they do activate, they will work flawlessly.

  • Little Nellie comes in four suitcases and will assemble and disassemble itself as needed
  • The jetpack will activate and direct itself away from danger
  • The exploding attache case will never detonatre in a way that will harm the user.
  • Rocket cigarette always fires at target, no matter the orientation
  • Dagger shoes: one is serrated, the other covered in poison
  • Pocket snap trap crushes unwelcome fingers
  • Wristwatch collection of various models and functions:
    • Garotte
    • Geiger counter
    • (Failed) magnet and saw
    • Telex
    • Explosive (2)
    • Communicator
    • Radio tracker
    • Silent alarm
    • Limpet mine detonator
    • Laser cutter (2)
    • Grappler
  • An arm cast which breaks whatever it hits
  • Polarizing sunglasses that clears glass to crystal clarity
  • Checkbook which shows the most recently written items
  • Swiveling sofa which swallows the occupant

Collection[edit | edit source]

Collected by Arthur Nielsen in 2003 after several burglaries were committed using these gadgets. He outsmarted the thieves by making sure they none of the gadgets were desperately needed for them to get away.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • These artifacts are bifurcated and cannot be neutralized without the other pieces being within a twenty meter radius. However, if all pieces are within this range, neutralizer can be used effectively on any of the individual artifact parts successfully.
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