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Álvaro Obregón


Right Arm


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One of the only generals to survive the Mexican Revolution (mostly) intact, Obregón battled against President Victoriano Huerta's forces after the Madero government was overthrown. With support of his Sonoran home state, Obregón captured Mexico City and toppled the fledgling Huerta regime. After a formal split with fellow general Venustiano Carranza over the new government, they rejoined forces to combat rebels Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata. Obregón would always recount after his arm was blown off in battle, it suddenly appeared out of nowhere to grasp an unclaimed gold coin.

After Carranza was assassinated, Obregón was elected as the first postwar President. Taking measures to stabilize the nation, he instituted new educational, farmland and labor laws. However, he also continued to spearhead campaigns against the Yaqui people, priests, American oil companies and even his own financial minister. Believing the wealthy, foreigners and the Church were complicit with Huerta, Obregón imposed heavy financial sanctions and public humiliation to bend them to his will. Obregón was later assassinated before his second term by a persecuted Catholic adherent.


Will maneuver itself in the direction of the privileged, influential and wealthy, pointing directly at them when close enough. Those selected will glimmer with an iridescent sheen to signify their influence, while a golden mist will follow them about.

Most people who notice this lightshow are not impressed, but bothered on how certain people appear unable to control their flaunting. Snide comments and cold shoulders become common and can magnify into brutal beatings if left unchecked. Affects expatriates and migrant workers to the same degree, regardless of their current wealth or ethnicity.

The user will also become habituated to sparring against their own allies on the slightest of issues. Many alliances have disintegrated over the refusal to cooperate with former friends.

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