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"Untitled" (Portrait of Ross in L.A.)
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Felix Gonzalez-Torres




When eaten, each piece of candy makes the user lose ten pounds.


Eating too many pieces at once will make the user waste away.


Eating a piece of candy.

Collected by

Artie Nielsen







Date of Collection

June 17th, 2001



Felix Gonzalez-Torres was a gay, Cuban-American, visual artist. He specialized in minimalist installation pieces. One of his most famous works is "Untitled" (Portrait of Ross in L.A.). It was to commemorate his lover who had died of AIDS. The ideal weight of the pile of candies is 175 pounds, to represent his lover's weight before the disease took its toll. As museum goers pass, they are encouraged to take a piece from the pile. This is meant to symbolize the slow wasting-away effect of AIDS related weight loss. Just as the pile gets smaller, Gonzalez-Torres' lover lost more and more weight until he died. The pile is restocked at the end of each day.


When a person unwraps a piece of candy and eats it, they will immediately lose ten pounds. It starts will excess fat, but will move on to muscle tissue if no body fat exists. Eating several pieces at once may trigger the negative side-effect. The user will gradually continue to lose weight without eating more candy, until they eventually waste-away to a malnourished husk.

To neutralize the effect the user must neutralized all of the wrappers of the pieces of candy they have eaten. It has been guessed that no more than three pieces may be eaten within the span of a month for this artifact to be safely used. The candies always replenish themselves at the end of the day to maintain a constant net weight of 175 pounds.


Collected by Artie after a number of fashion models collapsed on the runway from malnutrition. While this is not surprising in itself, the fact that all five of the models continued to lose weight even while in the hospital signaled an artifact alarm.

While Artie did save the day, and has seen the terrible effects of the candy, he is still tempted to use them during bathing suit season.