"Foundation" Door




Office Door


Connected to identical door in parallel dimension






Origins[edit | edit source]

Origins are completely unknown. Discovered concurrently by dimension on other side, they don't know either.

Effects[edit | edit source]

This door, when opened, leads to a mirror or 'parallel' dimension functionally identical to our own with one major exception. Instead of the Warehouse in its various incarnations, there exists an entity known as the SCP-Foundation, considered a popular but fictitious internet site in our reality. This Foundation seems to function the same way as the Warehouse, only with a stronger emphasis on research and global presence than ourselves.

Humans on the other side seem to be parallels of those that exist here, indeed it was a Dr. Weisfelt who discovered the artifact (called SCP's over there) at the same time as Agent Nielson. There seemed to be no difference in appearance of personality between the two apart from the obvious change in occupation.

Once it was determined no side meant the other harm, it was agreed that the door be sealed and contained from both sides and no further contact be made excepting extreme emergency. The office building where the door was located was purchased by the regents and re-purposed as a data manufacturing firm.

The file titled SCP-WH13 was handed over before the shutdown, and a copy of this file was presented to the researcher in charge. It is advised no further mention be made of this artifact, under strict Regent orders.

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